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NAHP Overview

For 30 years, the National Association for Health Professionals has made every effort to make the process of obtaining a credential an accessible, affordable, and obtainable goal for those individuals who wish to show commitment to their chosen profession. Our members enjoy the convenience of an all-inclusive membership fee. This allows our members to fore-go paying fees for continuing education, submitting CEU credits, state chapters, or regional fees.

The healthcare field is one of the fastest growing employment areas according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. This growth is projected to continue through the year 2010. Of course, with this rapid growth in the industry comes an increased responsibility for the healthcare professional. One in which would include continuing education and the commitment to raise the standards by obtaining national accreditation.

The National Association for Health Professionals is one of the few organizations that offer multiple credentials. This can save the applicant time and money to maintain their credentials with a single agency. Also, all of the continuing education you do can be credited to all credentials. Therefore, by earning only one block of credit you can satisfy multiple credentials. Multitasking can provide opportunities to earn a credential in medical assisting and then add that to a phlebotomy, EKG, or administrative credential. Multiple credentialing in a multi-facetted profession is the quintessential commitment. Because of the nature of the profession, continuing education for the healthcare professional is an essential element for maintaining competence, self-confidence, career continuity, and the knowledge base for promotions. Accreditation, as well as continuing education is the common denominator by which all healthcare professionals can become an intricate part of a nationwide network of dedicated professionals.

The National Association for Health Professionals has set standards that raise the bar in continuing education, requiring two specific types of continuing education to be accomplished. To learn more about the NAHP CEU plan click here.

National accreditation is an intricate part of a professional career and supports your commitment to excellence in the workplace. Healthcare professionals perform a vast array of duties to keep the healthcare delivery system running smoothly. The duties of the healthcare professional vary from office to office, depending on several variables. In small practices, the healthcare professional is usually the "generalist", performing both clerical and clinical duties. Larger practices tend to specialize in a particular area, therefore the healthcare professional works under the supervision of the department administrator.

Certifications offered through NAHP

Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy Technician, EKG Technician, Coding Specialist, Administrative Health Assistant, Patient Care Technician, Dental Assistant, Pharmacy Technician and Surgical Technician.

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Our History and Philosophy

Our philosophy has evolved over the past thirty years of working with the students of private career schools. What our philosophy was thirty years ago and what it is today is due to the growth and progress we have achieved over the years. Even through growth we maintain the ideals and objectives of the founding members.

Those founding members had the philosophy that we should develop an organization based on the immediate needs of the graduates of the private career school, and that we could best meet those needs by providing a means in which they could obtain a credential upon graduation. At that time the requirement of most organizations that offered testing opportunities was that an applicant must have two years experience before challenging an exam.

This requirement left most students to fend for themselves and was very counter-productive from the aspect of placing a graduate of a medical program.

Our goal has never been to be the biggest, but rather to be the best. We achieve that goal by offering affordable testing options, renewals, continuing education, and review manuals. Every student should have the opportunity to obtain a credential, and it should be made available at the time in which they need it the most.

After thirty years of service to the graduates of private career schools, our philosophy is to provide a quality recognizable credential, and to do so within the financial means of the student.

As we look forward to the next twenty-five years we still hold fast to the philosophy that brought us here and that is to provide affordable, quality testing and service the students in the best way we can.

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NAHP's Goal

The primary purpose of the National Association for Health Professionals is the evaluation of those individuals who wish to enter, continue, or advance in their profession through the certification process and the issuance of credentials to those individuals who meet the required level of competency.